You Need to Buy Facebook Proxies to Make Your Mark


There can hardly be an individual on the planet that has not heard of Facebook. After all, there are over one billion people on there and that is pretty impressive but here is the thing, if you are wanting to use Facebook to promote and market products or services and increase awareness, then how do you think you are going to stand out from this particular crowd?

The answer is going to be a lot easier than you think, but here is another important point, you need to do things correctly or all of your hard work is going to not pay off and instead of making money or boosting awareness, you are only going to slip into the depths of despair.

So, what do you do? Well, the easiest way to stand out is to make sure that you appear to be popular and the best way of doing this is by using multiple accounts where one feeds the other and increases the popularity of each one at the same time.

Think of it this way.

If you had just one advert out there in a newspaper how would it do? You would achieve a certain amount of success for sure, but at the same time it would only be a fraction of how well you would do if there were multiple adverts all pulling in the same direction for you.

The same applies to Facebook.

The Problem with this Approach.

However, there is an issue with this approach in that Facebook is not too happy at the thought of you having a number of accounts. In actual fact, they are against it and they will often have this purge where they will delete clearly fake accounts in order to clean up the website. Now, you clearly do not want that to happen to you especially after you put in all of this hard work.

So, the only way in which you can do this safely and without running into problems is to use proxies and they are going to make a huge difference to the way in which you approach marketing on Facebook.

You see, by using a proxy you are going to make it appear as if each account that you run is a completely unique person so they are not linked together. If one is banned, then the others are going to be absolutely safe.

To get a better understanding of this we just need to quickly look at how Facebook identifies that accounts are linked and fake and the answer is in the IP address that has been used to create it and also access it. If you use the same IP address time and time again then they are going to ban every single account in an instant, but it gets worse.

Aside from banning the accounts they are also going to end up banning your IP address and that is going to really inhibit you and prevent you from running even your own personal account from that IP address. Now, can you begin to see why proxies are such a good idea?

How Proxies Help.

So, let us look at how proxies are going to help you because you are clearly going to want to know that this is going to work and protect you when you venture onto Facebook.

What you need to remember is that proxies change your apparent IP address and that is something that is going to be rather important. For example, you are able to make yourself appear as if you are actually sitting in another part of the country or even another country and that is going to make a huge difference with Facebook.

Why does it make a difference? Well, to Facebook it means that you are coming across as being a brand new person with that account and there is no doubt that this makes a huge difference to your accounts being protected and not banned should you then go ahead and flout their terms and conditions.

In addition, it is also going to often prove useful to have a different proxy for each account and to keep track of which one is being used for which account. After all, you need to have this consistency or else you are running the very real risk of alerting Facebook to the fact that something is not quite right. In other words, they could then start to ban accounts which is why you need to pay attention.

Now, you are not going to be alone in using this approach on Facebook because a reasonable percentage of the accounts on there are going to be doing the exact same thing. However, why do you think that some of them are able to exist for some time before they are then caught and thrown off the website? The answer is in using the correct type of proxy in order to avoid detection for as long as possible and we have to look at that next.

Dealing with Different Proxies.

As we are looking at running multiple accounts on Facebook, then you should only ever consider either shared proxies or private dedicated proxies as both will work just with varying degrees of success.

For example, if you are willing to just blast Facebook and accept that your accounts are going to be banned in next to no time then shared proxies are going to be quite useful to you. They are cheaper to gain access to but at the same time they are also being used by other people so you will find that they do not last anywhere near as long as private dedicated proxies and that is often something to take into consideration.

With private dedicated proxies it does mean you are able to control how the proxy is going to be used as you are the sole owner and the only person that has ever accessed it. Now, that is going to mean that if you are careful with how you use each account then it may take some time for the proxy to be blacklisted thanks to your accounts being banned.

However, no matter which option you choose it is always important that you use one proxy per account as too many on the one IP is going to lead to them all being banned and you obviously want to avoid that at all costs.

Getting Started.

So how do you get started with all of this? Well, it is easier than you think although we do have a few recommendations that are going to make life so much better for you when it comes to using these proxies.

For example, you should purchase just a handful of proxies and use them wisely in order to ascertain if they will be suitable for whatever your needs may be. This might sound as if you are being too cautious but the truth of the matter is that you do not want to go out and potentially spend over $100 on proxies that are then useless, do you?

Absolutely not, and at the same time you also want to make sure that you are purchasing proxies from somebody that knows what they are doing and actually delivers on what they promise. This might once again sound as if you are being too cautious but sadly there are people out there that are quite happy to sell you what you believe to be a private proxy but in actual fact you are sharing it with countless others. You need to avoid this at all costs.

In order to get started, purchase some proxies and then only use the same one with the same account and do not overlap. This might get confusing when you have a number of accounts but in actual fact it should be easier to handle if you are just prepared and make notes that help you to keep on track. Also remember where the proxy is pointing to so you can then link the accounts on Facebook to those same locations. It is this attention to detail that is going to allow you to fly under the radar for some time although you cannot guarantee that you will not end up having the IP blocked along with your account at some point in the future.

So, what we are saying in all of this is that you should look at trying to buy Facebook proxies if you are planning on using this social media website in order to further your own marketing strategies. Using proxies is easy, inexpensive, and the best part of all is that it does protect your various accounts and prevents them from being linked together. However, you do need to be careful with how you use them or else you can still end up being banned and, to be honest, you should prepare yourself for this anyway as it can always happen no matter what you do.

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