Why You Should Buy Rotating Proxies


If you have never thought about buying rotating proxies then here are the various reasons as to why this is going to be one of the best decisions that you have made when it comes to purchasing proxies in the first place. If you are new to this type of proxy then there is also no need to worry about using them because the benefits that they are going to provide you will certainly outweigh any fears that you may indeed have about it.

What We Mean By Rotating Proxies.

First, we have to look at explaining what we mean by rotating proxies because for some people that is going to be a term that they have never heard before. You see, they are perhaps not the most common type of proxy out there but the most important thing of all is their effectiveness for what they are able to offer.

The key to rotating proxies is that your IP connection is going to run via a series of proxies that have different IP numbers from a whole host of different locations. This is important because it means that your apparent connection is changing constantly and you can maybe start to think about ways in which this is going to be useful to you. However, even if you are unable to think of reasons we are going to provide you with several that are worth considering.

The Importance of IP Numbers.

Whenever you connect to a website then you do so with your IP number. If you go ahead and do something that is against the terms and conditions of that website then you are going to find that the website is able to pick up on your IP number and then take steps to block it. In other words, you are going to end up finding it to be useless and if you have a marketing plan in place then you will be unable to continue.

Now, if you do plan on carrying out some kind of marketing plan and you know that there is a very real risk of you going against the various terms and conditions of those websites then you have to take steps to counteract this and the main step that you are going to be able to take is to mask your real IP number. How do you do that? By using proxies.

The Importance of Rotating Proxies.

We have already discussed what rotating proxies do, but we also have to look at why you would use them as their role is rather specific and there are certain jobs where they are just not really the best option for you to put into action.

You see, the times at which you have to use rotating proxies is when you are looking at sending out a number of requests for information at any given time. Now, this is something that is going to be against the terms and conditions of any website. They are not only going to hate that you are doing this and ban your IP but they are going to do so simply because they are going to believe that you are flooding or attacking their website so what else are they going to do?

Rotating proxies solve this problem because when you are using tools to uncover all kinds of information alongside rotating proxies then to the websites that you are searching through it means you are coming across as a different individual each time that a request is being made. In other words, it does mean that you are able to effectively fly under the radar for some time and it is all thanks to you using these rotating proxies.

Examples of How Rotating Proxies Can Be Used.

So, let us provide some examples of how rotating proxies can be used as this will allow you to better understand how to employ them in order to get the best results possible.

A number of people are looking at scraping websites for all kinds of information. This can be websites such as Google, Amazon, LinkedIn, Yelp, the list goes on and on but the most important part of all is that the websites that you are scraping will have a whole host of information and details that you are going to find to be useful.

Now, the problem here is that scraping these websites involve you throwing out a huge number of requests in next to no time. This is something that is going to attract the attention of the websites and they are then going to take appropriate action. However, by constantly changing the IP address it does mean that this is not going to happen and you will then find that you are able to continue your activities without running into too many problems.

If we can talk more about scraping then you are going to really understand why rotating proxies are the best option out there.

If you just use shared proxies or private dedicated proxies then you are going to run into a problem. You see, when you are sending out all of these requests, as happens when you are scraping websites, then it is not going to take long for the websites to pick up on the IP that is ‘attacking’ them and then be forced into taking action.

However, if you use rotating proxies then that is going to get around this issue allowing you to send out those requests without having to worry about your IP being banned in this way. The fact that the number is changing just means that you are going to stay under the radar and you will certainly not arouse suspicion like you would do with other proxies that are out there on the market.

Key Things to Remember About Rotating Proxies.

Finally, here are some key things that you need to remember about rotating proxies because it is certainly not the case that you should just go out and purchase the first ones that you come across. Instead, there are a number of important things that you must take into consideration before you get to this stage and we are going to help you to work through the difficulties that are often associated with purchasing this kind of proxy.

First, you need to make sure that they are actually rotating proxies and you should also try to discover how many proxies are in the rotation as that does vary between suppliers. Of course the higher the number of proxies then generally speaking the higher the price you need to pay in order to gain access but at the same time it also means you will take longer for things to be banned simply because of the sheer volume of IP addresses that are then being used.

Next, you want to know the speed at which they connect and send out the information. You certainly do not want a proxy that is slow as you are going to be using powerful scraping tools that need the speed of the proxy to match what they are doing or else it will take you an absolute eternity to get all of the information that you are after. This will be a huge problem which is why you really do need to look at the speed of connections.

Also, you need to be aware of reliability as you certainly do not want things to just fall apart around you as soon as you put these rotating proxies into action. Reliability is so important because you need to know that the information you are gathering together is going to be accessible and if the proxy keeps failing then how long do you think it is going to take you to get that data?

The last thing is to consider a trial or test period with proxies to see if they really do fit in with your needs. These proxies can be more expensive to access so it makes so much sense to test it out first in order to determine if it is capable of dealing with whatever it is that you are needing the proxy for. It just makes so much business sense for you to go ahead and check things out before investing money or else you could be disappointed. However, if you only purchase from a supplier that is known and has a reputation then this should not be as big an issue as it could have otherwise been with other people.

So, as you can see there are indeed various reasons as to why you should go ahead and buy rotating proxies and the reasons should be enough to really convince you to go ahead and make those purchases. They are safer for the jobs that they are intended for and in actual fact depending on why you are using proxies in the first place there is next to no reason for you to use anything else for reasons that we have mentioned above.

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