Why You Must Buy Google Scraping Proxies


Are you wondering why it is safer to buy Google scraping proxies? Well, let us explain the entire reason as to why this is something that you really need to do before you go ahead and start to scrape Google for all of that key information that you need for your marketing. After all, the one thing that you do not want to do is to go ahead and make life difficult for yourself when there is really no need to go down this particular avenue.

What is Google Scraping?

First, let us quickly explain what we mean by Google scraping and the possibilities that it is then going to open up for you. By scraping Google you are able to uncover all kinds of extremely useful information that can then be used for marketing purposes. By doing this, you open up the possibility of gathering together website addresses, emails, telephone numbers, contact names, the list is pretty much endless and you can begin to understand how this information is then going to be rather important when it comes to your marketing.

However, even though the prospect of scraping Google for all of those details is interesting and intriguing, there are problems and the main problem is that it is against the terms and conditions of the Google website and search engine for you to do this.

What Happens When You Scrape Google?

When you scrape Google, the scraper tool that you use is going to send out a whole host of requests at the one time and these requests will be picked up by Google and they will then believe that they are under attack. Now, when that is the case what do you think Google is then going to do in response to this perceive attack?

The only answer is that they need to protect themselves and they do this by identifying your IP address and then banning it from accessing their website. It really is as simple as that.

However, when they do that there is a problem in that you have to then think of the way in which you are going to be able to do your own searches away from scraping Google since your IP address is now banned. In short, that is not going to be possible and this leads us to the reasons as to why you have to go ahead and invest in buying Google scraping proxies.

The Role of the Proxy.

The role of the proxy is easy to understand. You are going to be able to use the proxy to mask your real IP as that is the entire role of proxies.

For example, you may be sitting in New York City and ready to scrape Google for that information, but by using a proxy it makes it appear to Google that you are sitting either elsewhere in the United States or even in another country. In other words, they are then unaware of who is actually doing the scraping.

Now, clearly this is going to be beneficial to you because not only does it protect your real IP address allowing you to continue to search Google as normal when you are not scraping them for information, but proxies can be set up to basically crash and burn. You see, there is an understanding that they are going to end up being banned by Google when they realize that this IP is sending out all of these requests, but here is the cool thing, you can just use another one after this one has expired.

Proxies are expendable and that makes life so much easier for you, but you still need to understand how they work and the variations of proxies that you could use in order to complete the scraping process.

How Google Scraping Proxies Work.

The way in which these proxies work is easy to understand as is the way in which you can begin to use them all on your own. By changing your IP, as we said earlier, it changes your apparent location but the way in which you make them work for you is still going to make a difference when it comes to flying under the radar for an extended period of time.

For example, if you go out and hit Google hard then their software is so complex and up to date that they will pick up on all of these requests being sent out to their search engine in a short period of time and they are going to ban that IP immediately. The key is in making sure that you come across as being as close to human like for as long as you can. By doing this, you appear to be more of a normal person doing normal things although they are still going to eventually understand what is happening and ban you.

The Types of Proxies Available.

Now, as your proxies are going to end up being banned there is some debate as to the types of proxies that you should go ahead and purchase. The problem is that you do need to consider purchasing in bulk due to the way in which you can burn through them but as they are not that expensive per proxy then this is something that is not generally going to be a problem.

Shared Proxies.

Shared proxies are, as the name suggests, proxies that you are going to use alongside a number of other people and they are the most inexpensive form of proxies that you are able to purchase. However, they are also often the most short lived simply because they are being used by so many people and you have no idea what they are using them for. By all intents and purposes somebody else could be using them for the exact same reason as you and that is not exactly going to help you.

In other words, they could be banned in next to no time.

Dedicated Proxies.

The other main type that will focus on just now is dedicated proxies and this type is private to you meaning the IP address is brand new and only you have access to it. This means that you know they are fresh and have not been used for anything else so you are going to be able to use them for longer before they are potentially banned as they are not abusing any other website that is out there. They are slightly more expensive but we are still not talking about a fortune so do not allow that to put you off.

Buying your Google Scraping Proxies.

When it comes to you buying your Google scraping proxies then we have a few tips in place that should make the entire process that bit easier for you. After all, you want things to go as smoothly as possible so you are then able to focus on the scraping part of the process rather than constantly struggling to deal with the proxies themselves.

First, only ever purchase your Google scraping proxies from a seller that has a good reputation and are able to deliver on what they promise. There are a number of companies out there that do not do this and you have no idea what you are actually buying so check them out before you part with your cash.

Another tip is to buy just a few proxies and test them before you go ahead and buy in bulk. This allows you to see if you are able to scrape Google in the way that you want and if they are capable of handling the speed of requests before you start spending a lot more money. See this as like a try before you buy kind of thing as it does make life so much easier.

The final thing to consider is the price. You are buying in bulk so you are only looking at a few dollars per private dedicated proxy but if you are on a real budget then do try the shared proxies and just be prepared to burn through them faster. Also, the length of time in which these proxies last does depend on your actions so if you hit Google hard, then expect them to take action swiftly.

So, when it comes to you trying to buy Google scraping proxies then there are several key points to remember and these points will make a difference to the end results that you are able to achieve and the information that you are going to be able to scrape from the website. Either use shared proxies or buy private dedicated proxies as they will both be the best option for what you are using them for. Remember, they will end up being banned at some point so it is always best to go ahead and purchase in bulk especially considering the number of requests that you will often be sending out.

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