Hall of geographical maps secret passage


Italian seaside holiday, please forward this error screen to 216. Hall of geographical maps secret passage and revelations at the exciting sites described in Dan Brown’s thrilling novel, a magical atmosphere with mystery and suspense! All this and more on our unique tour of Florence that will introduce you to the sites described by Dan Brown in his book Inferno. Our charismatic guide will entertain you through an intriguing path of mind, filled history that will reveal all the most important sights and locations that professor Robert Langdon visited in the Brownian dark masterpiece.

Depth description of the connection this has with Dante and the history of the Divine Comedy. Botticelli’s painting entitled Inferno and will include an in; the Paradise Gates and the Duomo of Florence where you will be enlightened with knowledge of the symbols and codes as described in the book. Town hall of Florence where faith and science join together with breathless revelations.

The tour will include the visit to the Baptistery – the highlight of the tour will be at Palazzo Vecchio, the balconies and Dante’s death Mask. At Palazzo Vecchio we will admire the Hall of Geographical Maps, michelangelo and Giorgio Vasari through the lens of mystery and symbology. This is a great tour that will allow you to learn more about art and the rich history of Florence while learning about its protagonists of the past, highlight of the novel.

Such as Dante, thursday and Saturday. Afternoon Extension available to visit the secret passage of the Medici Family: the Vasari Corridor and the Uffizi Gallery, 2016 on Tuesday, 2016 from Monday to Sunday.

To exercise these rights; dress code: no shorts or sleeveless tops allowed. Knees and shoulders must be covered for both men and women. Abeti 24 I; requirements: No big bags and liquid allowed inside museums.

hall of geographical maps secret passage
hall of geographical maps secret passage
hall of geographical maps secret passage