Buying Proxies to Create Bulk Social Media Accounts


If you are looking at operating a number of social media accounts for various reasons, then it is important that you understand that you should really purchase a number of proxies in order to make sure that all of your accounts are not banned in an instant should you go against the various terms and conditions of the different websites. However, one of the first problems that you will encounter is that, generally speaking, just having those multiple accounts is against the terms so it does mean that you are likely to end up being banned if you are not careful.

So, what do you do?

Well, the answer is to use proxies but then we have to first of all explain why you need to use proxies in order to carry out what should be a simple and straightforward task. As you will see, it becomes absolutely imperative for you to use this method or else you are going to get nowhere fast.

The Problem with Bulk Social Media Accounts.

First, we need to actually explore the problems that occur when you are dealing with the creation of bulk social media accounts. The difficulty here is that this is always going to end up being against the terms and conditions of the websites that you are dealing with and that is going to lead to accounts being banned.

The reason why they are banned is because the websites can link various accounts to IP numbers and they then realize that it is going against the rules of the sites and they will ban every account linked to that IP which means they will all be gone in an instant. Now, setting up an individual account takes time so you are going to end up wasting a huge amount of time setting up things that are just not going to last especially if you are then using the accounts to really market your services or products.

You see, the social media websites love to clamp down on this kind of thing now. They are just not going to stand for it. You might get away with a couple of accounts, but some people run tens of accounts across every single type of social media website and you can begin to understand how that is going to pose a bit of a problem.

However, as we said there is a way around it and that way is to use proxies although it is important to explain just how exactly they are going to make things so much easier for you to deal with and to create those accounts in bulk.

How a Proxy Works.

For those that are new to all of this kind of thing, we need to explain what a proxy is and how it works in order to make a difference with this.

Whenever you log onto the Internet you always do so via your IP address. That address reveals your location and all of the activity is then tied to that IP. So, if you are creating bulk social media accounts and not using a proxy then the likes of Facebook knows that it is all tied to the one household.

However, when you use a proxy things change. A proxy hides your real IP address while still giving you access to websites. In other words, your real location is effectively hidden behind this mask that is created by the proxy so even if that account that has been created with the proxy is banned your real IP is still safe and untouched.

Now, you can imagine how this is going to make a difference to the way in which you create bulk social media accounts. If you use proxies and change them for every account that you are looking at running then there is nothing to link them together meaning if one is banned then the rest are going to remain untouched.

As you can see, that is a vast improvement on things and it allows you to get to work on running the accounts for whatever reason it may be and you can do so safe in the knowledge that proxies are masking your real location.

However, there is still a problem of knowing which type of proxy to use.

Identifying the Correct Proxies.

There are various types of proxies out there that can be used for this purpose and it is important to get the correct ones because there is even a difference in the price that you will end up paying for the proxies at the outset.

A quick search will reveal that the main types of proxies that are used include shared proxies, private dedicated proxies, and rotating proxies. A short explanation of each one is going to be useful.

Shared Proxies.

Shared proxies mean that you use the same IP with a number of other people and you have no control over how they have been used. These proxies are seen as being more of a case of crash and burn with them because of them being used by various people at the same time as it increases the chances of them being employed for various means that go against different terms and conditions.

Shared proxies can also be slightly slower as more than one person may be using it at the time. This can be an inconvenience rather than anything else although it is still worth keeping it in mind if you discover that things are lagging a bit.

Private Dedicated Proxies.

This is another common type of proxy for this kind of job but they do tend to be slightly more expensive and it easy to understand why when you look at the difference between them and the shared varieties mentioned earlier.

In this instance, you are the only individual that has access to the proxy hence it being a private dedicated proxy. This comes with a number of clear advantages in that you know that the proxy is completely clean in advance as nobody else has used it. This, in turn, means that it is clean and is not blacklisted on any website giving you free reign to go ahead and do what you want with it.

However, this does not mean that it is then going to be impossible for you to have them banned and you really should use one single proxy per account that you make on a single website because, at the end of the day, the websites are going to ban you no matter which option you choose and this is an important thing to keep in mind at all times.

Employing Proxies with Creating the Accounts.

So, after explaining about the two main types of proxies that you should be using in this instance, it is important to look at how you employ those proxies when you are in the process of creating the accounts.

Now, as we said above it is best for you to use a single proxy for a single account on a website although if you are using various social media websites then you can use the same proxy just once on each site. This is a case of potential damage limitation because there is no point in using the same proxy for all of your bulk accounts or they will all be wiped out at the one time if the social networking website decides to ban your IP address.

The key is to keep control of which account goes with which proxy and even though this does take some organizing there is no doubt that it eventually makes life that bit easier. Also, it is important that the proxy you are using does match up location wise with where you say you are located in the account. Failure to do this is only going to actually raise suspicion about your activities and you want to do everything that you can to avoid this from happening.

Ultimately, the key thing here is to also only use proxies that have been purchased from people that know what they are doing and do not cost you the earth. They are effectively to be used and then move on to the next one simply because of the length of time that these accounts can be up for before they are then banned. You need to understand that it is pointless spending a fortune when you need to also buy in bulk in order to run all of those different accounts as some people have a vast number as they know that they can just burn through them in next to no time.

So if you are looking at creating bulk social media accounts then the only way in which you are going to be able to do this safely is by buying proxies. Thanks to this, you will be able to not only make the accounts to begin with but also run them for longer periods of time before you perhaps find those accounts being banned for whatever reason it may be.

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