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When it comes to you learning more about SEO related to not only your website but also your competitors then you have to consider the fact that using your own IP address is perhaps not going to be the best approach for you to take. However, there are different options available to you that really will make life easier and stop you from having your IP address blocked or banned in different ways. That option is going to be focused on using proxies and it is important to explore them in more detail to better understand why it is going to be the best way forward.

SEO is tough and the competition that is out there is so difficult that you have to be willing to try anything that you can in order to just get ahead even just slightly. Now, you could spend time working on backlinks etc, but who has the time to do all of that? The answer is nobody and that is why using tools and proxies together makes so much sense.

Why You Need to Use Quality Proxies.

It is easy to explain why there is a very real need for you to use quality proxies and in actual fact there are several reasons as to why this is so important.

First, the strength of the connection and the speed at which proxies connect is essential. You are trying to uncover all kinds of information for the sake of SEO so you want to be sure that you are able to get everything that you need in the shortest time possible. This can only be done when the proxy that you use is able to handle a huge number of requests in a short period of time because with so much potential information being passed through in both directions you can really understand why the proxy, which acts as the gateway, really does have to be performing to the absolute best of its ability.

To be honest with you, if you go and search online for people that are looking for advice when it comes to the kind of proxies that they need for this very purpose then the one thing that comes up continually is the need for them to be quality and elite proxies from the get go. Anything else is just going to be a poor relation and you will end up being rather frustrated at what it is able to do for you.

Private Proxies or Shared Proxies?

The question now is whether or not you are best to use shared proxies or private proxies because initially you would be quite right to believe that both of them are going to be viable options. However, when you look more closely at what they can offer you then that is not necessarily going to be the case.

You see, the problem with shared proxies is the word ‘shared’. This means that you are not the only individual that is using them and they have a tendency to be slow and short lived so basically they end up being blacklisted all over the place and they are often then rendered as being useless.

However, private proxies are very different in their approach. They are highly anonymous and considering what they are being used for, this is something that is very important from the outset. Also, you have your very own dedicated IP address and you are in total control of how it is being used. The same cannot be said for shared proxies as you have no idea what is going on when you are not using it and this is not exactly going to make you as anonymous as you want to be.

Using them for SEO Purposes.

The world of SEO is, to be quite frankly, a murky one and that is going to be a huge problem for so many people. You are able to check websites online without the fear of being identified according to your own IP address. You can run various campaigns, spam sites, add backlinks on mass and the best part is that your own real IP or the IP of your business is going to be kept absolutely safe thanks to you using a proxy.

However, considering the speed of the software and tools that you will be using it also makes sense for you to spend time checking out the quality of the proxies because we have already said that you need elite ones and that is something that does need further explanation.

By elite, we mean those strong connections and data transfers so that there is no difference between your own IP address and what it can do with the connections and the proxy that you are using. Now, we have already stated how this is not something that is really possible when you are using shared proxies as you are competing for resources and we have hinted at how these SEO tools can be working through a huge amount of data at any given time so slow is bad.

Just by selecting the correct proxies you are going to be able to maximise your SEO attempts and do so in the shortest period of time. You can really blast things without having the fear of being blacklisted when it comes to your real IP so it does, in effect, protect your own website or business from running into all kinds of problems. Also, by blasting things out you are also going to be increasing the chances of you increasing your sales and clearly that is something that is going to be of interest to you. However, it can only really be done with the correct proxies which is why it is important to purchase the correct ones from the first time of asking.

Making Sure you Have the Right Proxies.

Finally, we need to look at making sure that you do have the correct proxies or else you are only going to be making life so much harder for yourself. You see, there are so many companies or individuals out there that are selling this type of service and you could easily be fooled into buying something that is not exactly what it says it is and this is a major issue. In actual fact, you could be buying from somebody who has nothing to do with the proxies and how is that going to have an impact on the SEO tools that you are using and how effectively they can work?

So, what are the key things to look out for before you part with any cash for this particular purpose? Well, of course checking out who you are buying from is always going to be important and is something you should do at any point. Also, are they reliable? Do they have a track record that you have been able to find out about? How did you find out about them? When you consider what is going to be at stake here you can see why it is absolutely essential that you go through these steps before making any purchase or using proxies for this reason.

Also, you are strongly recommended to try before you buy in bulk and if the supplier is any good they will be more than happy to sell you just a few proxies to allow you to check them out. This is where you run tests of the SEO tools that you wish to put into action so even hold back in putting them up to full force at least at first. Only after you have initially experienced if the proxies are working in the way that you had imagined would you then ramp things up a bit more to see if they can still cope.

You must remember that the world of SEO is tough and ever changing and that is the final reason why you should only purchase private dedicated proxies so you can keep on using them for extended periods of time without any problems. This is not an option when it comes to shared proxies as so much is out of your hands and that is why we must stress that you need to stay away from them. The cost of private proxies is not even that high and if you only purchase a few of them at a time then they are certainly going to repay you with what they can do for the money that you have spent.

So, as you can see it is important for you to buy proxies for SEO tools to make life easier for you when it comes to searching out what your competition are doing in order to surpass you. Proxies remove so many of the obstacles that you will come across with these tools and you will then be able to make the most of what the tools can do without having to worry so much about endangering your own IP address.

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