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When it comes to purchasing proxies then you want to be absolutely sure that your supplier is able to deliver on what they promise and provide you with the exact type of proxies that you are asking for. In addition, you also want to be certain that the proxies are reliable, fast, and just the kind of service that you know you can depend on. After all, you are going to be using these proxies for a specific reason and the last thing that you want is to be let down by the supplier.

What do you get with Blazing Proxies?

So where is the best place to begin with the services that are on offer at Blazing Proxies? Well, we can quickly look at what they do and as you will see they are capable of providing you with every single thing that you are going to reasonably expect to get from a supplier of this kind of product.

To make life easier for you to get to grips with things, we can look at the individual points one by one.


With a proxy, one of the most important things has to be the speed as you certainly do not want things to lag especially when you are using proxies to mask your scraping activities. Speed really is of the essence. In this instance, you are going to have speeds of 1GBps and the best part is that the proxies are hosted on their own servers so they can make sure that the speed is up to scratch.

Bandwidth and Threads.

Another important area is the bandwidth and with Blazing Proxies you are able to have unlimited bandwidth and threads which means you no longer have to worry about getting up to any kind of a maximum before the proxy cuts out. The fact that there are no limits should come as a major relief to so many people who are more used to suppliers putting all kinds of restrictions on their activities.

Delivered in an Instant.

This is another cool reason why Blazing Proxies is rightfully making a name for itself in this particular industry because as soon as you order your proxies they are going to be made available to you. It really is in an instant which is different to so many companies out there that have you hanging around for what feels like an eternity before they are then willing to take action.

Furthermore, this instantaneous thing also extends to when you are needing to request a proxy to be changed. This is also done in an instant rather than waiting for your request to be fulfilled meaning you can get back to whatever you were doing straight away which is going to be a clear bonus.

Your Proxies Come from 4 Countries.

It is always important that the proxies that you use come from certain countries in order to avoid raising suspicion. This is just a sad fact of how certain countries are often associated with various activities and IP addresses from those countries are always viewed with suspicion.

However, that is not going to be a problem when you use the services at Blazing Proxies as they use four different countries that include the USA, Germany, Brazil and South Africa. Now, with those countries there really should be no problems whatsoever, but then that is not the full extent of what they are able to offer anybody that is actively seeking to use proxies.

A Huge Range of Subnets.

Most providers of proxies are going to have a problem with the number of subnets that they offer and this just means that the proxies are not as powerful and you are less protected and do you really want that to be the case? Absolutely not which is why these guys are better than the rest due to what they can provide without any problem.

With this, they have over 500 Class C subnets as well as a substantial number of Class B and even Class A. This just means that if you are in the market for a huge number of proxies then you are going to be able to be provided with exactly the things that you are looking for making your life so much easier in the process.

Dealing with the Authentication Process.

One area that is often overlooked is the idea of the authentication process but even that is not going to be a problem when you use the services and proxies that are provided by the guys at Blazing Proxies. Instead, you get both IP authentication as well as user authentication just giving you an extra level of security that is warmly welcomed by so many people that are often quite wary of what is on offer by most proxy service companies.

Protocols are also on Offer.

Now, if you are aware of how all of this works, then you would be happy to find out that this company also offers support for all three different protocols, which means HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS. This is going to be a real relief to some people as it means you are not going to run into a whole host of potential problems and that just makes your life so much easier as a result.

What is clear is that these guys have spent some time really getting to grips with what people are looking for when buying proxies and this has resulted in them being able to offer packages that are going to really delivery on every aspect. They have taken care to look at the countries and even cities that they operate their proxies from so you no longer have to worry about where your actions are apparently being directed from. Instead, you can just get on with whatever it is that you have to do and not worry about the simple things in life.

Also, a quick word about the quality of the support that is on offer because it really is second to none. It has already been stated how they will automatically replace proxies and will do so with no questions asked, but the support that they give actually does go beyond that. You see, their live chat thing pops up and can help guide you through any problems that you have. Also, the information on their website and dashboard makes it so much easier for you to operate the proxies and to also keep track of what is going on.

Their Products on Offer.

Finally, you are going to see that they have different types of proxies on offer as well as various sizes of packages since buying in bulk is the norm in this kind of industry. However, their prices are more than competitive especially when you consider the speed, anonymity, unlimited bandwidth and all of the other hugely positive things that we have mentioned above.

What we are talking about here is that they offer rotating proxies, semi-dedicated as well as dedicated and also in a wide range of packages that are going to be suitable for all kinds of needs even including the ability to purchase just a few as a trial run to see if they can work with whatever you need them for.

It is also worth pointing out that their sales team can advise you on what is going to be best for your own individual needs so even if you are unsure as to what to do next then help is going to be at hand. This is a cool addition because it is all too easy for you to go ahead and purchase the wrong proxies for whatever you are going to use them for and what is the outcome? You run into all kinds of issues that could have so easily been avoided and yet the supplier of your proxies could have easily helped you to avoid this, but they had no intention of doing so.

This is not the case with Blazing Proxies as they believe in helping you every step of the way from making sure that you purchase the correct proxies, to having them set up, and then even if you have any issues with software then they may very well be able to help you out as well. This is customer service taken to another level and considering the competition that is out there for this kind of business then it really is something that can make a huge difference.

So, if you are looking for a reliable supplier of proxies that are capable of delivering on what they are promising, then look no further than Blazing Proxies. Not only are they experts in what they do, but they are not going to let you down no matter what your needs or requirements may be. In short, your search for the perfect proxy provider has now come to an end and with prices that match the quality of the product and service that you receive, then you really have come across an absolute bargain.

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