Buy Amazon Proxies for Your Marketing Needs


Amazon is of course one of the biggest websites in the world and that also means that it is going to contain a wealth of rather useful information that you are going to be able to use if you are looking at selling your own products or using Amazon in order to earn affiliate earnings. However, here is the problem. Amazon is not going to allow you to really learn too much information if it does not want you to do that and it is quite easy for you to end up being banned as a result of contravening their terms and conditions.

Now, that is not something that you want to happen especially as it often occurs after you have put a substantial amount of effort into uncovering the information that you are after from the website, but there is a way to get around the blocks that Amazon put in the way of people who are effectively abusing their system. That method is to use proxies and we are going to take you through how Amazon proxies are really going to propel you further forward with your marketing.

The Information You Can Get from Amazon.

First, let us look at the kind of information that you will be looking at getting from Amazon because there are a number of reasons as to why you would venture on here in the first place.

A lot of people are not going to have various accounts on Amazon and yet they are still going to require proxies. Why do you think that is? The answer is pretty straightforward in that they go onto Amazon in order to scrape the website for all kinds of information. That information is going to be used to their advantage and there are different things that can be uncovered if you know what you are looking for.

For example, you are able to use scraping tools in order to get all of the information of different sellers for a certain product or industry. In addition, you can uncover price variations, keywords that people are using for the products, product reviews, the list does go on and on and it is all linked to details that you can then use to your own advantage.

If we can look at how you are able to use these details as it will make it easier to understand why you should really go ahead and buy Amazon proxies.

Using Those Details.

Often in marketing it is all about knowing what your competition are doing and then taking steps to counteract it in order to win. This is no different and the information that you gather together will allow you to better align yourself for whatever product it is that you are either selling or promoting.

Amazon is so big that it is going to be impossible for most people to really get themselves noticed on there and the same goes for their affiliate network so you can easily become lost in the sea of everybody that is battling to do the same as you. However, by uncovering all of the details linked to products and other sellers and how they are getting themselves in a prime position due to SEO on the website it does allow you to position yourself better than before.

The Problem with Amazon.

However, we said earlier on that there was a problem with Amazon and that problem is related to their terms and conditions and as you are going to be breaking them then you need to see where you are causing them problems. By understanding this, you then get to see why proxies are so important.

Scraping Amazon is going to result in a huge number of requests for information being sent from your IP address and you are going to do that in a short period of time. For Amazon, that will come across as an attack on them and that is something that they are not going to take too kindly to. In actual fact, they will see that they only have one option and that option is to block the IP address and in an instant you will be unable to access the website.

Now, this is going to inhibit your scraping of the website and you will be unable to then continue but that is why proxies are going to be your biggest friend and we have to look at the way in which they are going to help you.

Using Proxies to Make a Difference.

So, proxies are able to make a difference because of how they change things for you. When you log onto Amazon they are going to record your IP address and this shows them where you are in the world and all of your activities are then linked to that IP address.

Now, if you go ahead and start to scrape Amazon then they are going to block your IP address but proxies allow you to work around that particular problem. You see, an IP address is able to be changed thanks to the proxies because that is their entire point. In other words, you could be in London and yet the proxy makes Amazon believe that you are sitting in Los Angeles.

Because of this, you can send out those requests and it also means you are able to use your scraping tools without fear of losing your main account or having your main IP actually blocked.

Choosing the Correct Type of Proxy.

The next problem that you have is going to be choosing the type of proxy that you are going to use and there are several options although some should be avoided at all costs.

For example, you might want to use shared proxies or private dedicated proxies, but in this instance neither of them are going to be useful. You see, those proxies use the one IP address and you are still going to be sending out all of these requests for information to the website so Amazon is going to block it and then you are stuck once more. In other words, you are going to go around in circles and that will get you nowhere. However, there is a better option.

The best option is to use rotating proxies. With this, you will be sending out requests constantly from different IP addresses and this is thanks to the people that are running the proxies actually having a huge number of IP addresses that can be used. For Amazon, they just see all of these requests for information coming from a huge number of different locations.

Now, this is something that is going to make Amazon feel as if all of these different people are on their website rather than it just being all linked back to a single IP address. Your main account and main IP is going to be safe allowing you to browse the website at your own free will.

Buying proxies.

You could go ahead and just start purchasing as many proxies as possible, but this is an important point. You should never just buy from the first person that you see. Instead, because of how you are going to be using them it does mean that you want secure proxies that have not been previously abused. You need them to work in the way that they should and because you are sending out a huge number of requests for information it is also important that the connections that are being used are fast.

By doing this, you are able to get more information in a shorter period of time which is always going to be to your advantage. Also, the speed at which the proxies are rotated will also be a very important thing as you want it to do it all automatically since this does make things so much easier for you.

In short, this is going to lead to you running your scraper software, uncovering all kinds of information in a short period of time, and you are going to then put all of that information to use and hopefully earn more money. However, the way in which you are actually able to do this does depend on the scraper tool that you use and there are several out there for you to choose from. Matching them up to the proxies is also going to be a good idea.

So, if you are looking at using Amazon to your advantage, then the only way in which you will be able to scrape the website in order to uncover all kinds of information is to go ahead and use proxies to help you along your way. However, we do strongly recommend that you focus on avoiding shared proxies or private dedicated proxies for the reasons mentioned above because the one thing that you want to be doing is avoiding being detected straight away or all of your hard work is going to be to no avail.